Serpent mound in Ohio, USA

kurgan[1]One of the fifty U.S. States – Ohio – known not only as “the state of the presidents” (8 American “rulers” originally from here) and the birthplace of world aviation (lived and worked here over the first famous airplane the Wright brothers). Tens of thousands of travelers, tourists and archaeologists tend to visit a few of the plateau crater of serpent-mound, where is the famous serpent mound is the longest “ground” historical monument. It has the shape of a moving snake (seven turns), the tail of which is twisted in the triple helix, mouth and swallows the oval object. The total length curly mound 411 m, height from 0.3 to 1.2 m, and the width does not exceed 6 m. Around this amazing creations of mankind there have been a lot of rumors, legends and speculation. Perhaps it is thanks to them, this historic monument has become so popular among tourists.

When and who built this monument of ancient culture?

In the baseof the mound is a stone path, surrounded by clay, which were brought here from clay pits located nearby. Still a debate going on about that time and people who had a hand in the construction of this mound. Initially there were debates around three Indian Nations, at different times who lived in these places: the adena Indians (lived here since 800 BC to 100 ad), the Hopewell Indians (the period from 200 BC to 500 BC) and the people of the Fort Ancient (lived here in ad 1000-1650).

Initially, the most likely builders Serpent mound was considered the adena Indians, as were found near their burial. But in 1996 radiocarbon analysis of the mound revealed the approximate date of its construction – 1050-1075 BC that is, it was built 1000 years after the disappearance of the adena culture. And most likely to the construction of the mound had a hand in the Indians of Fort Ancient. Even though radiocarbon research cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data.

Many scientists admit the possibility of ingestion of an ancient barrow more fresh materials. This could occur in the process of life “semirough” animals, as well as under the influence of natural conditions (for example, during severe cold). In addition, researchers do not exclude the possibility of “restoration work” over the mound in the days of culture of Fort Ancient. Actual date of construction of the mound may well refer to the period of the adena culture.

There are records of missionary John Checkweigher made from the words of the Indians Lenape (one of the Indian tribes residing in some areas of the USA and Canada). The legend says that once there lived the people of Tallegio (or Allievi), who is the Creator of the Serpent mound. It should be noted that the same people appear in the legends of the Iroquois. But no scientific evidence supporting the legend, was never found.

The appointment of the Serpent mound

None of the modern scientists cannot say with certainty, which was created by the serpent mound. On site there are other mounds that were used inhabiting these territories peoples as places of burial. But conducted archaeological research Serpent mound showed that it was not used for its intended purpose. There was never found human remains or any historical artifacts, evidence of the appointment and the time of the erection of this building.

The head of the snake is in the highest part of this hilly area. Perhaps this is a coincidence, but maybe not. Add to that something else. Oval object, which “swallows” the serpent’s definitely something symbolizes. Some believe that this egg. Others are inclined to think that the ancient Indians portrayed the sun. Some even say that the egg is only part of the once whole design.

In addition, some evidence indicates that the ancient Indians had committed human sacrifices. Found inside an oval area of a circle of charred stones can be used as a sacrificial altar. And found here a ceremonial knife and decapitated skeletons in some of the surrounding serpent mound burials, further support this hypothesis. Confirmation can be and the fact that completely to see the mound only from a bird’s eye view. That is, the monument could target the gods.

Some scientists link “snake” with astronomical observations of the ancient inhabitants. This is due, primarily, to the fact that the shape of the mound repeats the pattern of stars that form the constellation of the dragon.

The mound was built by aliens?

300 million years ago the area that is now the serpent mound, a meteorite fell. He brought one of the rare chemical element iridium. The same one that is used in the construction of an unmanned spacecraft. Based on this, many believe the builders of the mound aliens who came here to replenish their stocks of iridium. Most interesting is that in the theory of extraterrestrial origin mound believe not only ufologists. Some Indian tribes (for example, of Shawnee) are due Serpent mound with aliens from other planets. In their view, it could be used by aliens as a landmark, visible from space. Unfortunately, to date, conclusive evidence for this theory was not found.

Snake mound for tourists

In 1888 serpent mound was the first archaeological site in the United States. For over a century the territory surrounding the “serpent mound”, is the Park, which is visited annually by more than 20 thousand tourists. There are Hiking trails as well as high observation tower, from the top of which guests can appreciate the full extent of the ancient building and to take some pictures for memory. In addition to the main attractions here are three burial mounds and ancient Indian village. For the comfort of visitors can be found on site sheds, picnic tables and restrooms.

The operation of the Park: from April to may on weekends from 10 to 17, from June to October every day from 10 to 17, from November to December on weekends from 10 to 16. In the winter months Park “serpent mound” is not working. This is due, primarily, to the safety of tourists in their own cars. By the way, the fee for a visit to the mound will not be charged. Tourists pay only for the Parking lot. The money goes to maintaining the historical monument in the proper form. Donations are also welcomed.

Near barrow is themed Museum, which was opened in 1967. It presents pictures taken from the air, as well as exhibits on the process of creating a mound. In addition, in the Museum visitors can learn about the culture of the Indians of Aden (which half a century was considered the creators of the mysterious “the mound”) and geography of this amazing area in Ohio. Since 1964 serpent mound is a National historic landmark and a famous National Geographic magazine called him “the greatest wonder of the ancient world”.

And yet. Tourists coming to this mysterious place, a terrible scare story. She says that every night in the Park that surrounds the ancient mound, there are ghosts of the mound builders. Perhaps that is why the Park is open and operates only during daylight hours.

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