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70558847[1]Hydroelectric power plant, the Old Bridge and the “Island of peace” – an amazing place Jordan valley

The Jordan valley is an absolutely amazing place. I’m not there often, but every time she opens me some of his quite extraordinary. This commercial cultivation of Hippeastrum. the Moshav Saturdays, about which I have not yet started to write. But today I want to talk about the February tour in a place where the relative small area is concentrated number of interesting historical sites that already captures the spirit. The place is not too popular among tourists:)

So because of the abundance of interesting objects are not too clear where to start, I’ll start with what seemed to me the most interesting:)

So, for me, the most interesting object was a hydro power station. built under the guidance of Piasa of Rutenberg. Hydroelectric power plant was built in 1930. in Naharaim, at the confluenceof the Yarmuk in the Jordan river. Naharaim in Hebrew – 2 of the river, the Yarmouk and Jordan.

It looks like in these places Jordan now. Very broad and deep river:)

Who is the local climate and saw these rivers can imagine the fantastic nature of the tasks of construction, HPPs:) And yet, this Land full of wonders, which are authored by people seeking to live here.

The man who electrified the land of Israel.

A few words about Rutenberg – without this it is just impossible:) Vivid example of confirming the expression “two worlds – two Shapira”.

He was born in 1879 in tsarist Russia. Received an excellent education, became an engineer, a specialist in the construction of dams. A student Rutenberg actively participated in the revolutionary movement, first in the social-democratic, and with the emergence of the party of socialist revolutionaries (SRS) has become an active member of this party and was associated with her Combat organization. During the events of the so-called Bloody Sunday (9 January 1905) Rutenberg was accompanied by G. Gapon in procession to the Winter Palace, saved him during the shooting of the demonstration, and then helped to flee abroad.He was the closest friend of Gapon. When socialist revolutionary underground announced the Gapon provocateur, Rutenberg was forced to take a personal part in his execution revolutionaries. Then Rutenberg soon became disillusioned with the socialist revolutionary party, and in 1906. immigrated from Russia.

In 1919 Rutenberg arrived in Palestine and immediately began to study the capacity of local water resources. The goal is to determine the best place where they could build a dam and to electrify the whole country”. In the plans of Rutenberg included the construction of 20 power plants. The permit took many years – bureaucratic obstacles were strong, the British mandate administration was not interested in the electrification of the area. The result was built with only one power plant on a plot of 6,000 dunams. who purchased Rutenberg.

How did it work?:) In detail I can’t tell you – not an expert:) In General, as told by the Internet: on-site built 3 dams with locks. They regulate the water level of the two rivers – the Jordan and Araha. This has formed a fairly large lake and out on the power plant’s turbine flowed streams of water. Thanks to the law of communicating vessels is not a bad thing worked and gave unprecedented at the time the amount of electricity from 12 to 18 megawatts that in the early thirties, was much more than could be consumed by the local population.

So it looked in those days. Well you can see the lake, which is not now.

I must say that the workers who built the power plant, were keen on the idea of electrification of Eretz Yisrael and was very fond of P. Rutenberg, who treated them as his sons. The workers loved to sing a song written by Mordecai Zaire. The song was about P. Rutenberg and was called the Elder of Naharaim” (הזקן מנהריים). The elder was 55 at the time of writing the song:) the Song begins like this:

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