Hidden beach in Mexico

The-hidden-beach-of-Marieta-Islands-33[1]Often the nature hides the most beautiful and interesting places away from prying eyes. One such secret Wonderland is a hidden beach in Mexico, near the city of Puerto Vallarta .

The beach is located on the Islands of Marietas, which in 2008 were included in the UNESCO list of the most important biosphere reserves in the world. Such status they received due to the unique caves, underwater tunnels and biological diversity of the marine world – including dolphins and rare species of corals.

Any human interference in the ecosystem of the Islands, including fishing and hunting is strictly prohibited. Recently, however, a wide popularity in these places eco-tourism is becoming, the organizers of these tours strictly enforce cleanliness. The main attraction, of course, is the “hidden beach”.

In form it resembles a huge natural swimming pool. The sandy part of the beach is just below the hole in the sun, and above the layer of water hanging low ceiling of the cave. Due to this, the temperature here is always a bit lower than on the surface, which is good, given the location of Mexico, where due to the proximity of the equator summer the temperature can reach +40 ?S.

This is a great place for diving and snorkeling, where you can admire the rare tropical fish, sea turtles and coral reefs. An unforgettable experience gives observation of Mantes – giant manta rays that live in the waters of the Bay.

To get to these beautiful places only by water, on a rented boat. Therefore, some of the inaccessibility and solitude of the beach attracts couples and tourists who appreciate a relaxing holiday in picturesque beauty.

It is curious that this place, which was then attached to the most extraordinary beaches in the world, is not of natural origin. The cave was formed from explosions as a result of military trials, which were held in Mexico in the early XX century.

Only in the late 60-ies, due to international protests, the initiator of which was the famous Explorer-the diver Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the government decided to assign the Islands of Marietas the status of a National Park.

0386b773af[1]The Qingdao lake - lake of a thousand Islands, located in the Chinese province of Zhejiang approximately 150 kilometers from the city Huangzhou. This artificial lake was formed after the construction of hydropower plants on the river Xinjiang in 1959. After construction of the dam formed a reservoir dotted with numerous Islands and islets, which gave the lake its name.
beautiful_caves_01[1]Planet Earth is filled with places that defy description. Not enough of the beauty and richness of the language to convey the feelings that cause them, when they see the first time. Green forests and high mountains, lakes with clear water, white sand beaches, volcanoes and powerful waterfalls, glaciers and hot springs is only a small part of what can affect the planet. But this beauty, which are visible immediately, but there is a secret world, hidden from prying eyes.
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