The most beautiful places in the world

samye-krasivye-mesta-na-zemle-golubye-pechery[1]We are surrounded by a huge number of amazing and extraordinary in its beauty spots, but unfortunately, you need to have a huge amount of free time to have time to visit each of them.

If it is not possible to travel all over the whole world, you can visit, at least in the top five most beautiful places on the planet. Though, probably, any seasoned traveler will be able to create your personal list of great places.

The top five most beautiful places on the planet discover an Egyptian pyramid. Over a hundred pyramids were discovered by archaeologists in Egypt, but the most famous of them are the pyramids at Giza and the pyramid of Cheops, which was attributed to the wonders of the world.

Scientists believe that the erection of the pyramids took about 25 years and 30 thousand people, driven to the construction site of slaves. But the names of the builders are gone together over time, and history has preservedonly the names of the pharaohs.

Cheops, Amenhotep, Tutankhamun – these rulers left behind it is a huge burial chamber. Once, according to the scientists, they were covered with a glaze, like Spins.

The great barrier reef, occupying fourth place in the list, recognized as one of the wonders of the world natural origin. The largest reef not only in Australia but throughout the world.

Large reef includes over 600 Islands and participates in the maintenance of the enormous diversity of living organisms. Therefore, in 1981 the Great barrier reef was inscribed on the list of World Heritage.

The number of tourists who want to visit these beautiful places, growing every year.

The deepest canyon in the world. He was cut by the Colorado river. what is proof of the saying – “water wears away the stone”. This canyon can be traced back four geological eras of the Earth. It took about 10 million years.

Each year, an extraordinary landscape and natural beauty of the canyon attract over 5 million visitors.

The Taj Mahal is a mausoleum located in the Indian city of Agra. A true monument of architectural thought, the work examines the features of Islamic, Persian and Indian architectural styles. The mausoleum was erected on the orders of Shah Jahan in memory of his wife who died during childbirth 14 of the child.

It is a monument of true love, looking at which one can feel the greatness of the feelings of the Shah. The Taj Mahal is made entirely of white marble. According to the legend, on the opposite Bank of the river Yamuna planned construction of the mausoleum-twins of black marble. But this monument of sorrow was never built.

For the construction of the mausoleum took approximately 20 years in the construction involved 22 thousand artists from Central Asia and the Middle East. Visit the complex every year about 5 million tourists.

Mountain city of Machu Picchu. located in the remote mountainous region in Peru tops the list of most beautiful places in the world. The archeologists believe the city was built in 1440.

The construction of this extraordinary city is an achievement once lived here a tribe of Incas. The city’s name means “old peak”, “the city in the sky” or “the city in the middle of the clouds.” The ruins of the city are remains of temples, palaces and houses.

Now Machu Picchu is the center of tourism. For the safety of the city as a monument in 2011 it was decided to reduce the number of visitors to two thousand per day, of which only 400 tourists can climb the peak of the war Picchu, which is part of the complex.

0386b773af[1]The Qingdao lake - lake of a thousand Islands, located in the Chinese province of Zhejiang approximately 150 kilometers from the city Huangzhou. This artificial lake was formed after the construction of hydropower plants on the river Xinjiang in 1959. After construction of the dam formed a reservoir dotted with numerous Islands and islets, which gave the lake its name.
beautiful_caves_01[1]Planet Earth is filled with places that defy description. Not enough of the beauty and richness of the language to convey the feelings that cause them, when they see the first time. Green forests and high mountains, lakes with clear water, white sand beaches, volcanoes and powerful waterfalls, glaciers and hot springs is only a small part of what can affect the planet. But this beauty, which are visible immediately, but there is a secret world, hidden from prying eyes.
kuda-poehat-v-aprele[1]Today let's continue the theme that can be viewed in China to sightseeing tours. About this. The Costa del Sol in Spain can be used as an ideal place for a family holiday S.