Kolomenskoye – beautiful scenery and lots of fun

Do you know that?

Every person, who, in Moscow must visit the most ancient and amazing place in the city. This place, of course, is Kolomenskoye historical and architectural complex.

Founded in the first half of the twentieth century. The land is gathered at its greatest historical significance of the number of monuments of architecture. In such monuments include the house, where he loved to spend time with Peter, the Church of the ascension, a monument in honor of the deceased Emperor Alexander II. In short, once in Kolomenskoye is possible to plunge during the previous eras, feel the flavor and color of a past life. To give this entire collection of antiquities of the living of the modern image of the Museum is surrounded by many gardens, which are also a kind of witnessing history as the youngest trees for decades. Fragrant lawn planted a variety of herbs, among them you can find oregano,mint, St. John’s wort, chamomile and many other useful plants. Over all this pristine beauty of thousands of bees circling, as the reserve has a large apiary.

This place brings back not just thinking about the historical past, but also keeps ancient legends and traditions. So, particularly venerated object of worship for all romantics and lovers is the Maiden stone and Goose-stone, which is a huge amount of granites. To first come to bow girls and women who wish to soon give birth to a child. According to the legend, the stone will give you the desire. Bow down to the second coming men who suffer from male ailments, and stone can also help in healing. The famous Museum also for its wooden buildings, the example above the cabin of Peter the great, also long time attraction of the Museum was small tower of the seventeenth century.

The Museum itself is named after the village, on the territory which belonged to the Museum, until the eighties of the twentieth century. The villagers considered themselves descendants of the yard people first Romanovs. Built their houses out of thick logs that had more similarity with the modern buildings than with a Russian izba three hundred years of age. These structures have in all ages was under the personal protection of the government, which was aware of their historical and cultural value. Thus, a visit to Kolomna will leave a lasting good impression, letting, go a little beyond time and century.

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