Why is it convenient to book river and sea cruises Astarta Group?

CruisesLanding[1]Why do You like us?

It all starts with a dream. With dreams of a journey on a modern airliner or the white sandy beach, beautiful distant cities or the lost corners of nature. We do not always have in mind a specific place where we want, rather feeling like there should be. We ask “where would You like?” We ask “what would You like from the trip?” And offer options best meet Your expectations.

Cruises on luxurious ships or modest charm of river cruises? Perhaps the rest on the beach under a palm tree or something at the moment I want? Only You can decide. We are ready to provide excellent service, a great number of interesting ideas and optimal realization of Your dreams. Or, if you wish, offer a nice dream to choose from. For every taste and budget.

We are good at!

The company’s customers, we offer a full range of trips: boat tripsand beach holidays, river cruises in Russia and Europe, tours. So when you call us You are not limiting your options type of vacation. In addition, we have a huge experience of combining different elements of the trip in an optimal way. For example, a common sea cruise I want to add a beach vacation, and before that, a guided tour for a day or two. From whichever city You go, no matter how complex was the route – with Astarta Group You always travel in comfort.

We have the most complete information about sea cruises!

Cruises are our specialty. On the website You will find the full directory paths and liners, detailed information on cruise companies and service onboard. In addition we present all the companies selling cruises for Russians, so You don’t have to piece together fragmented information.

With us comfortable!

For the company’s clients and travel agencies who book with us on the site during working hours is always present online consultant, we will promptly and fully the information provided by phone, e-mail, chat or icq. But if You need our assistance during hours when the office is closed, You can use the phone for emergency assistance, active 24 hours.

If You book a sea or river cruise from out of town, for clients of the company organizing the shipment of documents for viewing and returning we will take.

If You don’t fly, we will find the optimal path to the starting point of the cruise without flights.

We remember Your preferences at Your request we keep the history of Your trips, trying to offer every time something new. We are your mile cards and traveler, which are issued in the framework of sea cruises cruise companies, monitor the relevance of documents.

We tried very hard to create this website. I hope that it will be all You will want to know about sea cruises! Welcome!.

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