Interesting places in the world

1192126422_0lik.ru_0lik.ru_beautifulplaces_49[1]Our planet very large number of beautiful and interesting places. If you want to travel, start with the most interesting places. Interesting places in the world is amazingly beautiful and unforgettable nooks.

Undoubtedly, interesting place can be called the Great wall of China. Made it back in the days when I was old seven wonders of the world. In those days little was known about China. therefore, the wall became famous recently. In Russia now many excursions, but more and more people choose those places where the wall has not been restored.

Another interesting place is the Taj Mahal, which is located in India. The mausoleum, built by an Emperor in memory of his beloved, is considered one of the favorite destinations of tourists and wonders of the world. This building is so beautiful that you can enjoy it for hours.

In beautiful Brazil should visit the statue of Christ on the mountain Corcovado. Then there is the cable car, to deliver tourists to the statue. This little statue has become a symbol of Rio de Janeiro. The city of Petra is not only a wonder of the world, but also one of the Holy sites of Jordan. The city has many caves and each one was carved in a particular style, there are a lot of tombs and temples. In ancient times there was only refuge of nomadic Arabs, and only after some time, the city of Perth has become a fortress located right on the mountain.

No less interesting place in the world to have the city of Machu Picchu. He is the lost city of the Incas. It is located in Peru, on the top of the mountain. Also in the list of the most interesting places of the country includes the pyramid of Kalkulacka. Means feathered serpent. This pyramid is located in the city center of Chichen Itza. The height of the pyramid more than 24 metres.

And on top of it stands the temple. The pyramid has about nine levels. On each side of the pyramid are the stairs, which comprise a large number of steps. One of these ladders at the top ends of Kalkulacka the snake’s head.

In the new list of interesting places on the planet has such a sight as the Roman Coliseum, located in Europe. It is related to monuments of history before our era. The primary name of the monument to the Flavian Amphitheatre. But the interesting places in the world have not only abroad, but in Russia. One of these can be considered as the tunnel of love in Ukraine. Over the railway town of Klevan located superior beauty of a tunnel of flowers.

0386b773af[1]The Qingdao lake - lake of a thousand Islands, located in the Chinese province of Zhejiang approximately 150 kilometers from the city Huangzhou. This artificial lake was formed after the construction of hydropower plants on the river Xinjiang in 1959. After construction of the dam formed a reservoir dotted with numerous Islands and islets, which gave the lake its name.
beautiful_caves_01[1]Planet Earth is filled with places that defy description. Not enough of the beauty and richness of the language to convey the feelings that cause them, when they see the first time. Green forests and high mountains, lakes with clear water, white sand beaches, volcanoes and powerful waterfalls, glaciers and hot springs is only a small part of what can affect the planet. But this beauty, which are visible immediately, but there is a secret world, hidden from prying eyes.
kuda-poehat-v-aprele[1]Today let's continue the theme that can be viewed in China to sightseeing tours. About this. The Costa del Sol in Spain can be used as an ideal place for a family holiday S.