Insurance in New Zealand is the site for you

14524[1]This is a site with information about insurance products and Finance in New Zealand. The aim of the website is to provide Russian language information which will help you to choose financial and insurance products that will improve your life.

Insurance in New Zealand is very popular and is one of the financial pillars on which rests the economy. On the website you will find answers to how,with whom and where can insure yourself, your home and business.

The site is divided into sections for ease of finding information. In the personal section all about those products that will help you personally.The business section is for those who is engaged in business.

In the personal section you will find information on life insurance, health insurance, Strahovanie income, home insurance, property.

Part of the personal section is “Lending in New Zealand”. This section is about how to buy a housein New Zealand. List of documents for obtaining a loan is necessary when buying real estate. Possible forms of ownership.

In the personal section you will find information about how to structure your existing loan on your home to buy ivestitsionno real estate.

The business section provides information about the products the business insurance market in New Zealand. Here you will find all the information about how to insure your business. The section has many links to resources that will help you. In the blog you will find tips on how to correctly work with the SCA, and how you can get all possible discounts on payment of obligatory state insurance charges.

New Zealand is a country of small businesses. In the world rankings this country securely holds the first place in the world as a country which is as simple as possible to start their own business and know that your investment is well protected. In the country 460,000 registered small businesses of which 326,000 not have workers therefore only be employed owners. Small business New Zealand employs 584,000 new Zealanders. Every third business owner in New Zealand starts to work for yourself for a comfortable employment. 38% of entrepreneurs is the fair half of mankind.

The site is constantly updated to provide the latest information. If you think that some information must be included on the website please use the feedback form. If you have questions and you would like to discuss them write and call.

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