Ten most beautiful places in the world

81010603_25_samuyh_krasivuyh_mest_mira_kotoruye_stoit_posetit_1[1]We live in a world that has many attractions. Every person in his life he wants to visit these places. I present to You a selection of the ten most beautiful places in the world. Some say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course, there are many other corners of the globe, which could affect Your heart. For this reason, I do not claim that these places are the best, but they certainly are one of the most beautiful places in the world…

The Grand Canyon, United States Grand Canyon, USA

One of the deep canyons in the world. Located in Colorado, Arizona. Its length is 446 km and the width varies from 6 to 29km is at the level of the plateau, and at the level of the bottom – less than a kilometer. Depth – up to 1600 meters.

The great barrier reef. Australia.

One of the natural wonders of the world, the Great barrierreef off the East coast of Australia. This is the world’s largest coral reef.

It includes 2500 reefs – from the small area of less than a hectare, to large, occupying 100 square km with a total area of 348698 sq km greater than the area of the UK.

Cape Town, South Africa

It has been aptly described as “Paradise on earth”, this beautiful city at the tip of the African continent, surrounded by huge mountains, makes a person feel a little grain of sand among the beautiful.

The Taj Mahal, India

The Taj Mahal in India is one of the wonders of the world and is one of the most beautiful mausoleums. The Taj Mahal is a five-domed building height of 74 m. on the platform, with 4 minarets at the corners (they are slightly tilted away from the tomb in order that in case of destruction damage), which adjoins the garden with fountains and a swimming pool.

The walls are of polished translucent marble (delivered by the construction of 300 km) inlaid with gems. Were used turquoise, agate, malachite, carnelian… Marble has such a feature that in bright daylight it looks white, at the beginning it looks pink, and silvery moonlit night.

For the construction of the complex was invited over 20 000 artists from all over the Empire, as well as masters of Central Asia, Persia and the Middle East. Across the river there would have to be building a twin of black marble, but it was not completed. To connect these two buildings was the bridge of grey marble.

Canadian Rockies, Canada

It is a beautiful mountain landscapes, lakes, canyons, waterfalls, glaciers, peaks, limestone caves. Included in the list of world heritage of UNESCO

Machu Picchu, Peru

It is sometimes called the “lost city of the Incas”. This city was established as a sacred mountain shelter great ruler of the Incas is a List in the century before the conquest of his Empire, that is, approximately in 1440, and was used until 1532, when the Spaniards invaded the territory of the Inca Empire. In 1532 all its inhabitants mysteriously disappeared.

The city is located on the top of the ridge at a height 2057 meters above the valley of the Urubamba river in Peru.

According to its modest size Machu Picchu cannot claim to be a large city – it is not more than 200 buildings. This is mainly churches, residences, warehouses and other facilities for public use. For the most part they are composed of well-dressed stone, closely fitted to each other of the plates. Believe in it and around it lived up to 1200 people who worshipped there the Sun God Inti and cultivated crops on the terraces

The Pyramids, Egypt

The Egyptian pyramids are massive monuments

The Egyptians started building after 2700 BC and they were built as tombs for the pharaohs. Only in Egypt was discovered 118 pyramids (November 2008). At the mention of the Egyptian pyramids, usually referring to the Great Pyramids located in Giza, near Cairo. But they are not the only Piramide in Egypt. Many other pyramids have survived much worse and now resemble the hills or heaps of stones, so is less likely to draw the attention of scientists and tourists.

Petra, Jordan

Included in the UNESCO world heritage site. Was the capital of Edom or the Idumeans, later the capital of the Nabataean Kingdom, the main city of the sons of Esau. The city is located on the territory of modern Jordan, at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level and 660 meters above the surrounding terrain, arava valley, in the narrow Siq.

The great wall of China, China

Of course a big work length 6350 km began to be Built in the 5th century BC, This wall was originally built of stone, grass, earth, and wood, and bricks were used after production started. It is believed that about 2-3 million Chinese died in the framework of this project.”

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

The complex has a width of 2.7 km and includes about 270 separate falls. The height of fall of the water is 82 meters, but most of the waterfalls slightly more than 60 metres. The largest waterfall – Garganta del Diablo (“Devil’s Throat”) Is a U-shaped open a width of 150 and a length of 700 meters. This waterfall marks the border between Brazil and Argentina.

0386b773af[1]The Qingdao lake - lake of a thousand Islands, located in the Chinese province of Zhejiang approximately 150 kilometers from the city Huangzhou. This artificial lake was formed after the construction of hydropower plants on the river Xinjiang in 1959. After construction of the dam formed a reservoir dotted with numerous Islands and islets, which gave the lake its name.
beautiful_caves_01[1]Planet Earth is filled with places that defy description. Not enough of the beauty and richness of the language to convey the feelings that cause them, when they see the first time. Green forests and high mountains, lakes with clear water, white sand beaches, volcanoes and powerful waterfalls, glaciers and hot springs is only a small part of what can affect the planet. But this beauty, which are visible immediately, but there is a secret world, hidden from prying eyes.
kuda-poehat-v-aprele[1]Today let's continue the theme that can be viewed in China to sightseeing tours. About this. The Costa del Sol in Spain can be used as an ideal place for a family holiday S.